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Green Goddess Dispensary

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The Problem

Green Goddess Dispensary approached Walker Creative with a rough draft of their desired logo. Our team refined the initial concept, enhancing it to reflect the dispensary’s unique ancient Greek style. This project was a comprehensive branding effort where we developed a consistent visual identity across multiple platforms. We designed a striking window perf that captures attention and draws customers into the dispensary. The website was built to be user-friendly and visually aligned with the dispensary’s ancient Greek theme. Social media posts were crafted to engage and inform their audience, while labels and flyers were designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, maintaining the cohesive brand identity.

Challenge 1

Logo Refinement: Balancing the ancient Greek aesthetic with a modern touch to create a timeless logo that stands out in the cannabis industry.

Challenge 2

Consistent Theme: Ensuring the ancient Greek style was consistently applied across various mediums, from the website to physical labels and flyers, while keeping the brand modern and appealing.

Challenge 3

Engaging Content: Developing engaging social media posts and website content that not only inform but also attract and retain customers.
Walker Creative BKG.jpg

Our Solution

The collaboration with Green Goddess Dispensary resulted in a distinct and memorable brand identity that sets them apart in the market. The cohesive ancient Greek theme has been effectively integrated into all aspects of their branding, from the logo to the website, enhancing their visibility and appeal. The project was a success, with the client expressing satisfaction with the unified and professional brand image that Walker Creative helped develop.

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