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Candee Urban Wear: A Clothing Line for the Modern Cannabis Culture

Our Solution

Candee is a dispensary that offers a variety of cannabis products and services for recreational and medicinal purposes. They have a loyal customer base and a strong brand identity, but they wanted to reach a wider audience and diversify their revenue streams. They approached me to design a clothing line that would showcase their brand and attract new customers.

I accepted the challenge and created Candee Urban Wear, a clothing line that combines urban aesthetics and cannabis culture. The clothing line consists of t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, and accessories that feature the Candee logo, slogan, and mascot. The designs are inspired by the urban streetwear trends, such as graffiti, hip-hop, and skateboarding. The colors are vibrant and eye-catching, such as blue, green, purple, and red. The elements are playful and fun, such as splatters, waves, and canisters.

The clothing line is aimed at the young and trendy consumers who are interested in cannabis and fashion. The clothing line communicates the message that Candee is not just a dispensary, but a lifestyle brand that celebrates creativity, diversity, and freedom. The clothing line also helps Candee stand out from the competition and create a loyal fan base.

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